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Child Obesity

The Federal Government says we're losing control of our kids when it comes to weight. An Institute of Medicine report out today found one-third of American kids are overweight or obese more than last year.

Not only that but the Government says we don't have enough programs out there to help kids stay fit and the ones we do have are not coordinated and hardly anyone's evaluating whether they work. The report says some neighborhoods have no safe place for kids to exercise and healthy foods aren't available or cost too much.

"We're not on the right track. We're not on the track. We're giving this a lot of verbal and rhetorical emphasis but we're not putting our money where our mouths are," said Dr. Jeffrey Koplan of the Institute of Medicine Committee Chair.

The report says the real threat is diabetes, heart disease and other serious health problems for overweight and obese kids, it recommends a high-level task force to put this issue on the national agenda.

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