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Viewer Response to Consider This on Protesting The Tax Increase

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Once again, excellent segment on Consider This. I think you were very accurate on the facts where the meeting at 7:30 AM was intended to be result in low attendance. Also I think your assessment of the potential votes for the tax was right on target. Although well intended the Five potential affirmative votes, seem totally deft to anything but staff requests for more money.

The one bright spot in all of this is the fact you have taken the time to present an alternate view. Something that never has happened in the Lubbock Media Market. The AJ only did it's job of accurate reporting when it was confronted with the City requiring them file freedom of information requests. Once the editor realized he was going to only report on what the city wanted covered or he would have to do his job and exposed the good bad and ugly. Once Burl did his job the city house cleaning was short and through. Exposure of just the facts good or bad, presented in an honest manor is the obligation of all media, one seldom realized.

Thanks for your attention to our problem. Hopefully you can stimulate more interest in the public and make more realize that we can correct these problems with very little effort in big numbers.

Lubbock did the right thing in the cases of the All-purpose-Spirit-Arena, voting it down until it was placed in the right place , funded and maintained by the right institution and serving Tech, the City and entire region. Passing the economic development 3/8th cent sales tax with 1/8th cent to economic development and 1/4 cent going to reduce property taxes. Resulting in Lubbock being up against the state sales tax limit, stopping the constant return of some new tax increase, Masquerading as economic development.

We may need to add to the civic center to attract good paying customers for longer term events like the Cotton Growers Association, FFA Conventions and others that stay for several days, rent motels, dine and shop several days ,as opposed to entertainers that do hit and run raids on our area.

Again thanks for your interest in your community, let us know if we can help.

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Thank you for the information posted...My wife and friends will certainly vote for a truthful, honest to his word candidate...  Councilwoman DeLeon probably wishes all the politics could be a big_top secret_thing the little people shouldn't concern themselves with...

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Thank you again Mr. Jackson for voicing the opinion for tons of us citizens here in Lubbock. These tons of citizens could not get to City Hall at 7:30 am this morning because of kids, school and they have to be at work. Gee, aren't those lousy excuses? I called the mayor's office this morning and relayed this to his assistant and of course "they apologize for that but at the last meeting they were there until 9:00 pm and three people showed up to protest. I was not aware they were going to hold it over after 5:00. I also appreciate you outlining the numbers of this tax increase and including the tax increase Ms. DUMBauld asked for. This is what I want to know and will never get an answer. Is the City of Lubbock in a financial mess? Why all of a sudden do we need all this money and have all of these tax increases? What is going on down there? Where were the council and Mayor Marc McDougal for the past two years? Were they burying their heads in the sand? Did Marc just want to get out of office without having this on his future political record as far as having to suggest raising taxes? I understand cities need a tax increase from time to time. But this is unreal.  Thanks again for your voice.

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You are right its time to vote the bleeding heart liberals out of office!! Thank you, its nice to have some one on the tax payers side.

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Pandora's box has been opened.  The only viable option now is to relocate to a place with more economic opportunity.

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Years ago when my children were reaching voting age, they were trying hard to educate themselves in order to make intelligent choices at the ballot box.  I cautioned them to disregard anything said by a candidate because the only purpose in what they said was to get elected and had nothing whatsoever to do with how they would vote.  The only way to educate yourself was to keep track of how they voted and then use that information to make your choice in the next election.  I think that was good advice then and still is today.  There is no such thing as enough money for a politician. 

I got up this morning to watch the city council meeting only to discover that I was watching the meeting from 8/31/06.  That was a nice way to keep a lot of people from watching the current meeting.  While we're at it, isn't 7:30AM an odd time for a meeting?

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Like most people in Lubbock I'm sick of our city council and TAXES!! We get a raise about every three years and they eat it up before we see it.

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You have characterized a number of elected officials and employees unfairly in your three diatribes that I suppose are directed towards gaining listenership, and which could use some polish by the way.  Gather ALL the facts before misusing the microphone, you may be surprised that it takes revenue to support the City services that the public in Lubbock expects, and the Council has cleaned up all the "other" sources used in the past to keep the tax rate flat.  The Manager is required by the Charter to make a recommendation and the Council accepts, rejects or amends that proposal.  My complaint is that your three editorials did not illustrate a grasp of the WHOLE issue, just a whining about increased taxes with no basis for support.

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Wow!  LOVED your Consider This commentary tonight on the city and our taxes!  Amen brother.  Preach on!

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I forgot your name, but I sure do thank you for your comments on the city council and their spending.  Our new mayor seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth.  Wonder what political office he has in mind?  I hope you don't back down on your views, as they are "right on".   The new city manager has $$$ in her eyes.

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Mr. Jackson--Your commentaries are exactly what Lubbock needs as a reminder that not everyone agrees to letting the current city council run rough-shod over the citizens.

Austin is in the throes of fighting the red light camera issue and I recently accessed the Texas ACLU site. The attached article was there and I found it a frightening read.

I sent the article to Mr. Leonard on the council and his response to me was that he agreed (and would vote against), but was outvoted by the "tax and spenders".

It seems to me that those "tax and spenders" are the very ones who live in a world of their own and haven't a clue what the middle-class citizens are dealing with. They vote for or against what will line their pockets or those of their cronies regardless of the harm to Lubbockites.

My husband and I have lived in Lubbock since 1958 and in those 48 years have seen a lot of good and bad decisions made by many city councils. This red light camera proposal is one of the most outrageous and egregious that has come along.

It is nothing more than a ploy to create revenue ($14,000/mo., according to an AJ article) which will be no better spent than any other revenue over which they have control. The law-abiding driver will be the one to suffer when the accidents begin to occur.

Our city government leaves us feeling helpless and hopeless in the face of rising prices, inflated housing costs, outrageous appraisals, and their "like it or lump it" spending attitude toward tax-paying citizens. They talk a great game while campaigning; the reality of their disdain sets in as soon as the elections are over.

I hope you can do some research on this article and, at least, give them some idea that not all states and cities have found the cameras to be a good thing.

Consider This...Protesting The Tax Increase
NewsChannel 11's General Manger Dan Jackson gives his opinion on the Lubbock City Council's decision to raise taxes.

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