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Tooth & Bone Loss

If you're suffering from Periodontal disease, researchers have discovered help from a drug that has been used for years to fight another condition. A lot of women like Evelyn stapler take the drug Risedronate for Osteoporosis.

The FDA has approved it to prevent bone loss but researchers at Case Western Reserve are finding that it may also help protect your teeth.

"The effect of periodontal disease is if the bony socket that holds your tooth in place gets eaten up by the disease, so your teeth are basically surrounded by no bone. They get loose and wiggly, and they fall out," said  Leena Palomo, of the Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry.

Researchers studied dozens of post-menopausal women. Afterward, x-rays showed those who took Risedronate had less bone loss around the teeth an extra bonus for women hoping to beat two health problems with just one treatment although right now, Residronate is only approved for Osteoporosis.

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