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Not Enough Sleep

A huge wake-up call tonight for the estimated seventy million Americans not getting enough sleep.  

The archives of Internal Medicine has published a number of studies that reach the same conclusion. First, a French study suggests a higher rate of daytime sleepiness among those who suffer from allergies.

 From the University of Wisconsin, evidence that depression is much higher among people with sleep related breathing disorders and from the University of Chicago that sleep deprivation is adversely affecting blood sugar in people with diabetes.

The bottom line in all the studies is that quality sleep is essential for overall heath.

"The foundations of good health are good diets good exercise and good sleep but two out of three doesn't get you there," said Dr. Tanne Calhoun, a Neurologist.

The review of sleep studies also warned that poor sleep habits also increase the risk of obesity. The study suggests that a sleep assessment should be included every time you go in for a routine check-up or annual exam. If you think it's just a passing problem, the National Institutes of Health says insomnia occurs most often among those over age sixty often for medical reasons that could be corrected.

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