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Pink Sunday Training

One in seven women in the United States will experience breast cancer at some point in her life.

With a statistic like that, the person sitting next to you at church could be there to pray about breast cancer and that's why the Susan G. Komen foundation is organizing an event called Pink Sunday.

In October, Churches will take time for churches to celebrate their survivors and educate others about the risk.

Meanwhile, this Thursday, the Komen Foundation is looking for ambassadors from every church to attend a Pink Sunday training. 

"We will provide information on the Komen Foundation as well as shower cards, breast health information, really an array of information that they can share with their congregation," said Ashley Hamm, the Executive Director of the Komen Foundation. 

 Again, the Komen Foundation is asking all churches to send an ambassador from their church this Thursday to attend Pink Sunday training at the Zeta Tau Alpha lodge at 5:30 in the evening,  which is number eleven on Greek Circle. For more information, call 698-1900.

Hopefully all those ambassadors will take what they learn back to their congregations to reach more women about the risks of breast cancer on Pink Sunday which is October 22nd.

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