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The Auto Cool: Does It Work?

Finally, after waiting months for the Auto Cool to arrive via mail, NewsChannel 11 got it a couple of weeks ago.  But when we received the product and tested it, it was September.  Not as hot as it has been like in the months of June and August.  We waited for a good hot day to do the test.  It was nearly 90 degrees outside and Chief Meteorologist John Robison told us that was going to be the hottest day we would have for a while, so here it goes.

The car we tested it on is black.  We placed a thermometer inside the car for about an hour.  It was registering as hot!  110 degrees.  Perfect for our test. 

This product cost us $20. It works by way of the sun. The rays shoot through a solar panel and activate the fan.  It fits on the top of your front window.  Then, you place the weather stripping on the edge of your window, size it up to the Auto Cool, and roll up your window.

We left the Auto Cool to do its job.  We checked back on it more than one hour later.  The product claims to reduce the temperature 10-20 degrees.

When we left the thermometer in the car, it was placed out of the direct sunlight.

Remember, we started out with 110 degrees?  The thermometer hardly budged.  It was two degrees cooler inside the car.  Because of that, clearly, this product does not work!

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