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Blood Pressure Device

Nearly one in three American adults has high blood pressure which can lead to everything from kidney failure to heart attacks and stroke.

Normally, it can be treated and controlled with medication, but there is another option. The device is called Resperate and it's designed to slow your breathing. A thin strap around the chest tells the resperate device how fast you're breathing. Then it creates a rhythmic music that, as you follow, helps slow your breathing, which actually leads to drop in blood pressure.

 "You do get a feeling of relaxation that's a kind of overall sensation of being relaxed. So you walk away from a session you do feel more relaxed then when you started," said John Galbraith Simmons, a Resperate user.

Clinical studies have shown that after four to six weeks using the device for fifteen minutes a day, blood pressure dropped an average of fourteen points and stayed down even between sessions.

John has made his fifteen minute session part of his daily routine. Not only is his blood pressure down, he's gotten stress reduction from it too.

The resperate device may not be able to lower your high blood pressure enough to get you into a safe range, but it could well lower your medication dose enough to reduce drug side effects.

Resperate costs about $300, which works out to be less than what most people pay for their blood pressure drugs.

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