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Spinach Update

Some grocery store giants are putting spinach back on store shelves after getting a seal of approval on where it was grown. Even so, the recent spinach e-coli scare has scared away many consumers. 

"I'm just a little wary. I am going to give it just about a week or so. Just to make sure I don't hear anything in the news," said Thofa Moonsammy, a consumer.

It's that nervous attitude that has the government speaking up. Saying that the number of E-Coli cases have actually gone down forty-two percent since 1998. So have cases of Listeria, down forty percent and Salmonella, down eight percent.

By the way, here in Lubbock, United and Albertsons tell us they don't know when they're putting spinach back on the shelf. But Lowe's grocery store says it just got a fresh batch from an area deemed safe by the FDA and it will go on store shelves tomorrow morning.

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