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The South Plains Fair: Does It Work?

We are inside the Commercial Exhibit Building at the South Plains Fair.  Vendors have a lot of products for sale and we are going to put them to the Does It Work?

First a man-made shami that is nothing but amazing, at least that's what the makers claim. The man selling it says it can pick up nine times more than a regular shami.

"Here you got plain water.  Most of the time it will keep picking up the water," he demonstrated for us.  It can also pick up spilled liquids from your carpets.  If you shell out $20 for this product you get two sets of four Amazing Super Shamis.

"So Does It Work?, asked NC 11's Cecelia Jones.  "It saw it work," he answered.

"That's pretty cool. What is that called?"  Its called the Stunt Vehicle.   It is a remote control monster truck.  When you direct the wheels to turn, the car does an unusual twist and flip. "Have you sold many of these?"  "Yes, we have sold a lot. They cost $10, $15, $20," the sales man said. 

"Let's go find some more," Cecelia said.

It's called the Miracle Kitchen Plus.  It is famous for how it can chop up onions, jalapenos, tomatoes all at once to make a great Pico de Gallo.  It looked pretty easy to use. It can slice potatoes too. This one will cost you $20 and it Does Work!

Finally, a product that will have you in amazement. The Magic Snake.   "He'll follow the sound of my voice and jump through the hole of a CD. "How in the heck does that work?" we asked. "The secret is taught when the magic is bought," the man told me.  I was able to see there were no strings and no magnets. Here at the fair they're only $6. 

Our day at the fair was a success.  We found lots of vendors selling great products. The South Plains Fair works!

The fair continues through Saturday. Tickets for adults are $6 and parking is $3.

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