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Energy Drinks

Full throttle, Khaos, and Adrenaline Rush, if you haven't bought any of that I bet you've seen them on store shelves.  They're energy drinks.  And with that kind of name, you'd expect to get a  caffeine kick in the drink. But how much of a rush are you getting?   

A study at the University of Florida found some energy drinks contain more caffeine than espresso coffees. They also found that  caffeine is not the only energy booster in these. Some may also include  taurine, ginseng and guarana which are all types of stimulants.

"It will definitely give you that boost or that punch, however it can potentially have other side effects.this may cause your heart to palpitate, may stimulate you too much," says Claudia Morrison, a nutritionist. 

Claudia also says all that energy could push people to exercise too hard. Potentially injuring themselves.  The problem is none of this stuff is regulated, so there's no recommended daily allowance.  And it's hard to know what, or how much you're getting, since sometimes one can will contain two servings.  As a nutritionist, Morrison says the best way to get energy is from fruit, a piece of cheese or even a glass of milk.  And she says it's better to just avoid buying energy in a can.

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