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TV Effects School Performance

If you hear this at home like I do, "Mom, I study better with the TV on." We've got some ammunition now from a new study that surveyed more than forty-five hundred students.

The study says the evidence is clear, the more a child watches TV during the week, the poorer his or her performance at school.

What they watch matters too. Young children who were allowed to watch R-rated shows, even just occasionally, were more often at the top of the list of poor performers.

"Talk about it as parents today need to be thinking about their children's media diet - it's just like we're trying to get them to eat healthier food," said Jane Brown, a media researcher at the University of North Carolina.

Kids will like this side note: The study on TV and grades, which is published in the Journal Pediatrics adds that TV on the weekend is okay, because that did not appear to affect school performance.

Overall, though, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends kids get no more than an hour or two of screen time a day, whether it's TV or video games.

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