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Allergy Alert

If you're beginning to feel fall allergies, the itchy eyes and runny noses you may just go to the drug store and grab the same stuff you've always used.

But the ingredient that helped you last year may not be in there this year due to the concerns over drug abuse with Pseuodephedrine. Although Pseuodephedrine still available without a prescription, it has been moved behind the counter. The version you see that is still on store shelves contains a different ingredient, Phenylephrine, which is getting mixed reviews.

"There is some controversy as how effective Phenylephrine is compared to Pseudoephedrine," said Dr. John Sunday an Allergist.

So, this year, it could be trial and error to find the right over-the-counter stuff that works best for you and you may need to talk to your doctor if your favorite remedy isn't working for you anymore.

If you need to go behind the counter to take care of your allergies expect to show a photo ID and sign a log to buy drugs that contain Pseudoephedrine. This is all part of a new law designed to help curb illegal use of the drug, which has been used as an ingredient to make Crystal Methamphetamine.

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