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Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is one of the top ten cancers for men and women, and one of the most common symptoms is blood in the urine.

The reason you need to get that checked right away is bladder cancer is treatable, if you find it early.

Now, researchers, in Dallas, are trying to bring awareness to a screening test that is simple and can find bladder cancer early.

"We think this is a test with great potential, what we don't know is whether or not it's effective to test a lot of people who don't have cancer, but have risk factors for cancer,"said Dr. Yair Lotan, a Urologist. 

The test, which is just called NMP-22, is FDA approved. It's not expensive only about $2500, and like a pregnancy test, the results are easy to read. It's a urine test that looks for a protein that shows up in bladder cancer, but not in normal urine.

For years, it has been recommended for people who are most at risk of bladder cancer like smokers. But now, at UT Southwestern in Dallas, researchers are following fifteen hundred non-smokers to see if the test can also spot early signs of bladder cancer in people who are not considered high risk.

By the way, the American Cancer Society says a smoker's risk for bladder cancer does not significantly decrease if the person gives up smoking.

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