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Lettuce Recall

First it was spinach pulled from store shelves after one person died and 200 were sickened, today, we find out that lettuce is under scrutiny for E-Coli contamination.

It's not just any lettuce specifically, the Foxy brand sent to stores in California and the Northwest, not Texas.

"The lettuce product that has been recalled is under the Foxy brand and that is not a brand we carry at our store," said Eddie Owens the director of corporate communications for United.

So far, no one has gotten sick from the lettuce and the company emphasizes that only the water used for irrigation has tested positive for E-Coli, not the produce. Even so, health experts warn you can't wash away e-Coli when it's on something. You have to cook it, so people in high risk groups should stick to eating cooked vegetables if they are ever concerned about contamination. 

"Anybody with a weakened immune system, right now, I'd be kind of cautious about eating vegetables that are not cooked," said Mark Kantor of the University of Maryland.

The lettuce was sold in Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

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