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Cosmetic Surgery

There are all sorts of places you can go now to rejuvenate your skin, with wrinkle fillers, botox, chemical peels and any number of cosmetic skin procedures that look easy to do, but are more complicated than you'd think.

"Every procedure has a risk. If you're talking about an injectable there can be bruising, swelling, other side effects, infection, other side effects of that particular injectable. If it's a laser, there can be burns, there can be permanent scaring, there can be discoloration," said Dr. Doris J. Day, a Dermatologist.

That's why the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery has issued some do's and don'ts for those considering a cosmetic skin procedure. First, beware of locations outside a doctor's office, like a spa, salon or storefront and ask who's going to do the procedure, and if it's not a doctor, ask, is there a doctor on site?

Don't ever go to a person's home or a hotel room to have a procedure done. Don't rely just on price and especially, don't be afraid to ask questions or to walk away if something doesn't feel right. Remember, just because a place looks clean and the person you talk to is wearing a white coat doesn't necessarily mean your procedure is being done by a doctor or under a doctor's supervision.

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