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The Bit Shooter: Does It Work?

We are taking aim on a new product called the Bit Shooter.  It is like having 24 tools all in one. The 24 bits are stored in four cartridges that look more like a pistol barrels.   All you do is pull the handle, spin the barrel for the bit you want and then it's loaded.  You can use it on RV's, around the house, and on cars. 

The Bit Shooter will cost $20, but Does It Work??   Joel Prock, owner of Prock Automotive, looked it over.   "It has all different types of tips to torques.  That one looks like an Alan head," Joel said as he was fiddling with the product.

Joel took us a to a car that was our sitting target. He found just what he needed to test this product. 

"How does it feel to use it?" asked Cecelia. 

"Awkward, but its doing ok," he answered.  

"The tip didn't come out like I thought it would," said Cecelia. 

"It's held on by a magnet which is like most," said Joel.

However, he was very concerned about the tips and how the metal might be too soft. "The tips look like they hold up well," noticed Joel.

But like most tools, durability is important.  "You want to see it hit the floor?," asked Joel.   The plastic end broke in two pieces.  Joel said, "I did not pass the toughness test. Everybody drops a screw driver."

Two out of three isn't too bad.  For $20, Joel thinks this is a good gadget to have.  Just be careful though.  You do have 24 bits to keep up with.  Other than that, It works!

To order just (click here).

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