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Shattering Breast Cancer Myths

October is breast cancer awareness month, a good time to shatter some myths about that kind of cancer. First, if you think you can only get breast cancer if you have a family history, that's not true 90% of breast cancers occur when there is no family history.

Second, don't think you're too young to worry about breast cancer. It's not as common in young women, but it happens. And thirdly, don't think that just because I have a breast lump, it means cancer.

Every lump does not mean cancer, but every lump needs to be checked to rule out cancer.

"Most lumps actually are not cancer. Just because it's painful, does not mean it's not benign, and just because it's not painful, doesn't mean it's something that doesn't need to be worried about. Everything that's a lump in the breast should be checked," says Dr. Larry Norton, Oncologist.

Dr. Norton says mammograms are not perfect. But it's the best thing we have today in finding breast cancer, along with monthly self exams and yearly checks by your doctor.

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