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Fishy Benefits

There's been a lot of confusion about how much fish is safe to eat. We know fish can help in the prevention of heart attacks, but there are also concerns about PCBS, Dioxins, and Mercury. But now, two new studies out of Washington are helping sort out the facts about fish.

The Institute of Medicine has found that Americans, even children and pregnant women can safely eat two servings a week to prevent heart disease and white tuna is especially helpful.

Meanwhile, Harvard researchers have found that fish can cut your risk of dying from heart disease by more than a third. So, here's what we need to remember:

"If you eat a little bit, up to about two grams per week of the fish oil, you get most of the benefit. So you don't need to eat five, ten servings a week to get the benefit," said Dariush Mozaffarian, Harvard Researcher.  

Harvard researchers found the risk from Dioxins and PCBS is almost non-existent, but Mercury can be a problem. The FDA studies continue now with a focus just on the dangers of Mercury. We'll have more when that is available. But for now, the studies suggest pregnant women and kids should avoid high Mercury fish like shark, swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel.

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