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Food for Thought Report 10.19

The Burger House at 5107 29th Drive passed the test this week. A surprise visit from health inspectors was no problem. They were left with zero critical violations making them a five-time top performer.

If you're heading to an event at the Municipal Coliseum you can be assured that you're snacking at a top performer. Their concession stands were flawless.

And the only school inspected this week is at the top. Whiteside Elementary School at 7508 Albany took home a perfect score. 

Food for Thought 10.19
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 10/19/06.

A Mexican food restaurant and two Chinese restaurants are at the bottom, and while it may seem like a short order, the violations are plentiful.

Durango's Restaurant at 1602 Main had six critical violations.

  • Raw sausage was 55 degrees. Cooked potatoes were 54 degrees. Cold foods must be 41 degrees or colder.
  • Employees touched a variety of surfaces including door handles, tables and towels and then prepared food without washing their hands.
  • Sour cream was found with an expired date.
  • Hand sanitizer was found next to napkins and clean dishes.
  • Food was served on chipped plates. And plates at the serving line had food particles on them.
  • Employees were handling ready-to-eat foods with unsanitized bare hands.

Management did not want to go on camera, but told us, "We always strive to go by the guide lines of the health inspector and the health department." They say, "All violations have been corrected." The report shows all violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

Great Wall Restaurant at 1625 University had seven critical violations.

  • Employees were preparing food and handling clean dishes without washing their hands.
  • A hand wash sink was used for purposes other than hand washing.
  • A soiled cloth was found on a food contact surface.
  • Numerous dead roaches were on the floor and in cabinets.
  • Rodent droppings were found on the floor in the dry storage area.
  • Unapproved rodent poison was used in store room and under the bar.
  • Food contact surfaces were found soiled.

Great Wall invited us into their kitchen to show us all violations have been corrected. They say their follow-up inspection was flawless and everything is perfect. The report shows two violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

And finally China Star at 1919 50th street had 11 critical violations.

  • Rice and cooked chicken were being cooled improperly.
  • Batter chicken, corn dogs, egg rolls, watermelon and cantaloupe were being held between 55 and 70 degrees that's 29 degrees above the safe temperature of 41 degrees.
  • Corn dogs and beef were held between 115 and 120 degrees. Hot foods must be 135 degrees or hotter.
  • Employees were not properly washing their hands while working with raw foods.
  • Good hygienic practices were not being followed, including: a hand wash sink was used for purposes other than hand washing and drinks without lids were found throughout the kitchen area.
  • Employees were not properly handling ready to eat foods.
  • Employees did not change their gloves when handling food and touching food contact surfaces. Raw chicken and shrimp were thawing together allowing for cross contamination. And foods were improperly arranged in a cooler.
  • Cold water at a hand sink was not working and the hot water was only a drizzle.
  • Toxic items were not properly stored.
  • Thermometers were not provided for the staff. They were stored and kept in an office. The thermometers were also not calibrated.
  • Food contact surfaces were soiled.

Management at China Star says, "All corrections have been made and at no time were the customers ever at risk." They added, "Our customers and food safety are our top priority." The report does not show any violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

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