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Consider This... Texas Tech's New Chancellor

Last week's news that Texas Tech will hire a new chancellor is a big deal. Why? Not so much because the position has been filled, but because of *who* will be filling the position.

What an outstanding choice and great catch for the regents landing Kent Hance as the Texas Tech University System Chancellor. If you don't know who he is, let me tell you. Mr. Hance is a seasoned state, national and international leader. He brings with him the kind of experience and influence that could mean great things for West Texas. Just look at his resume:

  • Texas Tech graduate
  • Texas Tech law professor
  • State Senator
  • U.S. Representative
  • Member of the U.S. Agriculture Committee
  • Texas Railroad Commissioner

Hance is still the only man to defeat George W. Bush in an election and now he will become Texas Tech's third chancellor.

Mr. Hance hasn't even started, and he's already bringing more recognition to Lubbock. Last week, the Houston Chronicle, the state's largest newspaper, wrote "Texas Tech regents have made an excellent choice in Kent Hance."

So consider this, now Mr. Hance will go to work doing what a chancellor does. Raising money! Why should you care? Well, his success could help get your kids into college.

Mr. Hance himself will tell you his goals are to grow the student body and increase scholarships so that Texas Tech can compete with all state funded universities. Then it's up to the regents to use that growth to hold the line on the raising tuition, so that anyone in Lubbock or West Texas that wants to, can afford an education. 

So congratulations to the regents on a great choice! And Mr. Hance, welcome back to Lubbock!

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