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Federal Ban on Smoking?

How do you feel about smoking? Would you support a federal ban to keep people from lighting up coast to coast?

Nearly half of Americans say yes to a federal ban according to a new poll out Tuesday commissioned by the Drug Policy Alliance. But that same group says it is concerned that a federal ban would push the supply of cigarettes onto the black market like in the days of prohibition.

"Is that supply going to be corporations that are regulated that pay taxes and the government can control? Or is it going to be drug traffickers, the mafia, terrorist groups?" said Bill Piper, with the Drug Policy Alliance. 

"Well, if I want to smoke, I want to smoke. You know, banning it completely even in my house? I don't think so.," Roxanne Bland, a smoker. 

Meanwhile, the CDC report says the states with the fewest smokers are out west. The states with the highest smoking rates are along the Ohio River Valley. Kentucky ranks highest. Almost a third of its residents smoke.

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