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Generic Drugs Prices

A Lubbock doctor is taking on a giant national discount chain for what she calls misleading advertising. It may actually be a misunderstanding, you may have heard the price of generic drugs at Walmart and Target dropped significantly when the two chains landed in a price war.

But Dr. Priscilla Snodgrass wants to clear the confusion so patients won't be stuck with a prescription that's twenty times more than they expected. She says she regrets sending customers to Walmart for what she believed to be a $4 generic bargain.

"It's very frustrating for me because then the patients call me angry that the medicine that I prescribed for them, the generic Omeprazole, which is the same thing as Prylosec, is not covered at a $4 rate, they are saying it is $80," said Dr. Priscilla Snodgrass, a Gastroenterologist.

Dr. Snodgrass wants other physicians and patients to know that all generic drugs are not $4 at Walmart and Target. Instead, you can check the Walmart web site to see if the drug you are using is included in the $4 generic special those companies are advertising.

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