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Consider This... The Search For Joanna Rogers

If you're like me, you couldn't help but be touched last week when authorities announced they had discovered missing teenager Joanna Rogers. That news meant over two years of not knowing came to an end for Kathy and Joe Bill Rogers. It meant they can finally move forward with plans to lay their daughter to rest.

But consider this, Joanna's family might have never had that chance, had it not been for good police work, a smart district attorney, and some dedicated searchers and volunteers.

I'll spare you from a re-hash of horrible facts in the case. It was great Lubbock police work that lead investigators to Rosendo Rodriguez. It was the district attorney's office who got him to confess to the murder and lead police to the city landfill.

Now the Lubbock County District Attorney did cut a deal with a killer in this case, but it was in exchange for the only information that could bring closure for Joanna's family. And now even though he cannot be tried in Joanna's murder, Rodriguez will be tried for murdering another Lubbock woman, Summer Baldwin. District Attorney Matt Powell is seeking the death penalty to bring justice to both families.

Finally, it was the tireless efforts of more than 90 county employees who, for two months, sifted through miles of trash until Joanna was found. All of these people coming together helped bring closure to a case that almost went unsolved. So to everyone involved in bringing Joanna home, we salute you.

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