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Home Health Services
Home care provides services to persons of all ages and includes preventive, acute, sub-acute, rehabilitative, and long-term care. Services range from simple assistance in activities of daily living to high-tech IV therapy.  Respite care is short-term temporary relief for caregivers and is available under the most appropriate category of care to meet the needs of the client and caregivers.  In Texas, there are three major categories of home care provided through licensed Home and Community Support Services Agencies.   If you would like more information call the Texas Association for Home Care at (800) 880-8893.

Home & Community Support Services Agencies are licensed by the Texas Department of Human Services to provide services in one or more of the following categories:

Licensed & Certified Home Health
Must provide skilled nursing services and at least one of the following other therapeutic services: physical, speech, or occupational therapy, medical social services, or home health aide services in a place of residence to be used as a patient's home.  Services are provided in accordance with Medicare Certification standards. Only certified agencies may provide services for reimbursement by Medicare and certain Medicaid programs.

Licensed Home Health
Must provide one or more services required by an individual in a residence or independent living environment such as: nursing, physical, occupational, speech, or respiratory therapy; medical social service; intravenous therapy; dialysis; service provided by unlicensed personnel under the delegation of a licensed health professional; the furnishing of medical equipment and supplies (excluding drugs and medicines); or nutritional counseling.  Skilled nursing must be provided in accordance with a physician's plan of care.  If only personal care services are provided to a client, physician's orders are not required; however, the personal care services must be supervised by a registered nurse.  Services may be provided to private pay clients and certain private insurance beneficiaries, Medicaid, or other government aid recipients.  However, Medicare and certain Medicaid programs will not reimburse for home health services provided in this category.

Source: Texas Association for Home Care, Inc.