Choosing A Home Health Care Provider

Choosing a Provider
Finding the best home care provider for your needs requires a little research, but it is time well spent. Quality of care and competency of personnel should be your primary concerns. You have the right to choose any home care provider who is qualified to provide the services you need, although that choice may be restricted somewhat if you are enrolled in a managed care plan (such as a Medicare Advantage Plan). Here are some questions to consider when deciding which home care provider is best for you:

How long has the provider been serving the community and what services do they offer?

  • Does your physician know the reputation of the provider?
  • Is the provider certified by Medicare? Only Medicare-certified agencies can provide services covered by Medicare.
  • Is the provider licensed? In Texas any agency providing personal assitance or skilled services must be licensed by the Texas Dept. of Aging & Disability Services as a Home & Community Support Services Agency.
  • What other credentials does the provider maintain?
  • Does the provider have written statements describing its services, eligibility requirements, fees, patient rights,
    confidentiality, complaint procedures, hours of service, and emergency arrangements?
  • How does the provider select its employees?
  • Does the provider ensure that its workers are functioning under written personnel policies, clinical protocols, and professional liability insurance?
  • What back-up systems are in place to ensure continuity of care?
  • Is the agency willing to work with you if you must pay out of pocket?
  • Is the agency a member of a state and/or national home care organization? Association membership is an
    indication that the agency is continually informed and actively involved in the home care industry.
  • Source: Texas Association for Home Care, Inc.