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HealthWise at 5 From 11.6

  • HLPR Chair

Wheelchairs offer the main form of transportation for many with paralysis or other disabilities. But with an eye to the future, robotics experts have developed a new type of wheelchair; a device with features that could mean a more independent life. Engineers from the national institute of standards and technology have devised the HLPR or helper chair. The HLPR is built on a forklift body, but tweaked to gently lift, support and move a person. Movement from bed to chair can be accomplished easily with the device, and it can even help in physical therapy by supporting a person as they walk.

  • Alzheimer's Optics

The earlier Alzheimer's disease is diagnosed the sooner treatment can begin to help preserve brain function. Now, a new study released at the recent optical society of America meeting describes a prospective test that looks to the eyes for those early clues. Researchers from Harvard medical school are working on a laser test that finds changes around the lens of the eye. They have discovered that an unusual cataract that builds up at the edge of the lens is made from the same amyloid beta proteins associated with Alzheimer's disease.

  • Pumpin' Pumpkins

Do you have a pumpkin left over from Halloween? that could be just what you need for a good workout. SC fitness has an exercise plan that takes advantage of the seasonal gourd as a natural weighted ball. So you might carve out some time to boost your cardio work-out by holding onto a pumpkin as you do lunges. Or pump up those push-ups using the "great pumpkin" as a prop.

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