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Lice Buster

Six to 12 million people in this country end up with a head full of lice every year. In fact, kids miss 12 to 24 million school days because of those creepy little critters.

But now, a University of Utah research team is developing a novel lice killing device. It's not a hair dryer but a specially designed medical blower. The idea is no chemicals, many which are becoming lice resistant!

The fast moving heated air, in combination with this hair rake kills lice and nits by drying them out and according to a report in the journal of pediatrics, it can work in just one thirty minute treatment. 

"It kills virtually a 100 percent of the eggs and about 80 percent of the lice. But there appears to be a delayed effect on the lice because in the second sort of test we did when we treated kids and went back a week later there are no lice. The infestation is killed, virtually all the time," said Dr. Dale Clayton, a University of Utah biologist.

The device is appropriately called the louse-buster and researchers say it may be destined for clinics and even schools. But not yet, patents are still pending and it is likely two years away.

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