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Does It Work? and I Beat Pete Challenge: Rocket Fishing Rod

Does it Work? and I Beat Pete come together as Cecelia Jones tests the Rocket Fishing Rod and Pete Christy accepts a fishing challenge.

Let's meet this week's challenger.  "Hi, I'm Jennifer Moritz.  I am going to challenge you to a fishing competition to see who can catch the most fish."   "Alright, sounds fun," says Pete Christy.   "Hey Pete, I've got this Rocket Fishing Rod I thought hey, you could use this," Cecelia Jones said.  "Does it work?" he asked.   "I don't know, let's find out," Cecelia said.

All you do is load the bait, hook and weight into the safety bobber.  You pull back the pump and launch.  It shoots about 20 feet into the water.  Jennifer used the standard rod and reel for her bait and hook technique.  She was ready for business, while we were fishing for answers.

"Does it show you how to tie on the weight and a hook?," asked Cecelia.  We hooked it up the best we knew how.  We got this challenge going.  Jennifer was fishing like a pro, but we were still having problems.  "It's not sinking," said Cecelia.

We put more weight on the line.  It worked better, but the entire bobber was underwater. 

After 45 minutes, the fish were not biting so we changed locations.  The new place looked promising and we could see the fish swimming in the water, so we wasted no time and launched the Rocket Rod. 

We got a bite, but Jennifer got the catch.  She reeled in a 3.4 pound carp.   We needed to catch the next one to tie up the challenge.  But Jennifer was the one to win it catching two fish in all.

"You got two fish that equaled 7.55 pounds. What did you think?" asked Pete.  "It was fun! It was slow at first but I beat you," said Jennifer.  You get the shirt and you get to say it.  "I Beat Pete!" said Jennifer.

What did I think about the product?  The Rocket Rod does what it's supposed to do.  It launches the bobber just fine, but we has some trouble getting the bait to sink.  Plus, we did not catch anything.  I question the durability of the rod as experts tell NewsChannel 11 they are not sure if the rod is strong enough to reel in a heavy fish. 

It will cost you $40.  You can order it by clicking here.

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