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Council Considers "Windfall Resolution"

After city council decided to raise your taxes, they are now considering a tax relief. NewsChannel 11's Nicole Pesecky explains what that could mean for tax payers.

Two months ago the city council approved a tax rate of 46.1999, but council is set to vote on a "Windfall Resolution", proposed by Councilman John Leonard, that would allow you to get some of it back.

Basically, Leonard wants to take any additional money made from sales tax and the savings expected from cheaper health care and lower fuel costs and put it back in your pocket. Leonard says, "My concern is that if we don't so something with those dollars, allocate them now, we're going to spend them over the course of the next year through budget ordinance amendments. So basically, we're going to nickel and dime and spend all our of money, all of the citizens money that we told them we needed to raise taxes for when maybe we didn't really need to raise taxes."

Leonard estimates the revenue could be as much as 4.5 million dollars. He says, if approved, you will see that refund in your property taxes next year. Leonard did vote against raising taxes back in Septemeber.

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