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Food for Thought Report 11.9

Sheridan's Lattes and Frozen Custards at 5101 82nd takes the cake in this week's Food for Thought. With a perfect inspection they're this week's only top performer.  

Food for Thought 11.9
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 11/9/06.

Now to this week's only low performer, Boogie D's Catfish and Grill at 4730 Slide Road had five critical violations.

Jenna Jacoby is one of the owners and invited us inside their kitchen.

"Cleanliness was not an issue health hazardous were not an issue. There was nothing that we got violated for that would have caused our customers to have a health issue," Jenna said.

  • Rice and beans were not re-heated to 165 degrees before placed on steam table.
  • An open beverage was found in food prep area.
  • Raw chicken and steak were stored above onions.
  • A bucket and towel were found in a hand sink.
  • Bowls being used for scoops were heavily soiled.

"The scoops are dipped into our fish batter and our flour area and they were soiled on the handle the flour is what she considered the soiled area," Jenna said.

Jenna says Boogie D's is a family owned and operated business and says they take pride in being inside the kitchen.

"We take the health inspections very serious. We prepare for them on a daily basis, we never know when she's coming so we're not scrambling to clean up once we think she's coming," Jenna said.

She says the inspector even told them they have a clean kitchen.

"She was very impressed by that," Jenna said, "We hear all the time that we're Lubbock's best kept secret."

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