Who Should You Listen To?

Who should you listen to?
Listen to the people around you for signs that you're not hearing everything clearly. Then talk to an audiologist. An audiologist is a health care professional who has completed a masters or doctoral level college degree.

Audiologists specialize in evaluating the hearing of adults, infants and children of all ages. They also have expertise in the treatment of balance and tinnitus conditions.

Audiologists are trained to determine the exact nature of an individual's hearing problems and provide appropriate treatment options. For example:

If a hearing problem is diagnosed and requires medical attention or surgical evaluation, you will be referred to a physician.

If the problem can be solved with a hearing aid, you will be counseled regarding the best solution.

An initial hearing aid fitting is taking the first step toward improving your overall quality of life. More importantly, it marks the beginning of a life-long partnership with your audiologist.

During follow-up sessions, you will receive ongoing technical assistance and practical recommendations about how to cope in difficult listening situations.

Insurance companies recognize audiologist as preferred providers of hearing health services, and most family health care plans will cover the cost of an evaluation.