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Myth vs. Fact About Hearing

Hearing loss is just a sign of aging.

It is true that we all start losing our hearing from the day we are born.

However, most hearing loss is the result of noise exposure from hunting, operating power tools and other machinery, scuba diving, or drug side effects. An acquired hearing loss usually starts affecting communication and socialization skills in mid-life, about the same time you need reading glasses or bifocals.

Remember, unless there is a genetic history of progressive hearing loss in your family, hearing loss is preventable!

Hearing aids are uncomfortable and will end up in my drawer.

Even when properly fit, amplification requires an adjustment period. Achieving success with hearing aids is a life-long commitment. Hearing aids will never restore normal hearing, but by taking advantage of follow-up sessions with an audiologist, you can eliminate the chances of them ending up in your drawer.

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