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Inhaled Insulin

Since November is Diabetes Awareness Month the American Diabetes Association is hoping the millions who have diabetes are aware of how easy and painless it is today to get insulin treatment.

Instead of sticking themselves with a needle several times a day, the FDA approved an insulin inhaler earlier this year which affects the body exactly the same way as the traditional injections except, with the inhaler, you just breathe. 

"Inhaled insulin is, some people like to say, is another tool in the tool box. So it's another approach we can have," said Dr. Bill Petit, an Endocrinologist. 

"To me this is like taking that first step on the moon. It's just so far advanced for diabetics who've been dependent on a needle their entire life," said Richard St. Pierre, a diabetes patient.

It works for people with type one or type two diabetes, which adds up to more than twenty-million Americans. So, if you have diabetes, you might ask your doctor about inhaled insulin sold as Exubera. The only problem might be that many insurance companies do not cover it yet and at this time, it has only been approved for adults. Although clinical trials are underway to see if it's safe for children.

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