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Chest Protectors

It doesn't happen a lot, but it's enough to get your attention.

 Since 1995, there have been 182 cases of athletes dying from a fatal blow to the chest and in thirty-three of those cases, they were wearing chest protection. Fourteen were goalies playing hockey and ten were playing football. Six were goalies playing lacrosse and three were catchers playing baseball.

"It's very rare but it does happen and when it does happen, it typically happens to kids or young adults who are perfectly healthy and it's a major catastrophe and if that happens then it can send the heart into a fatal arrhythmia. The heart will literally stop beating," said Dr. Michael Lauer, of the Cleveland Clinic.

The study comes from the Minneapolis Heart Institute which suggests conventional chest protectors are not stepping up to the plate. They are asking for more research to insure chest protectors work and don't slip and expose the wrong spot at the wrong time.

Remember, although it's rare, the study again says a defibrillator is key to restarting the heart when a blow to the chest makes it beat out of control.

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