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The Secret To Living a Long, Healthy Life

A study that tracked the health habits of more than 5,000 men beginning in middle age and then comparing that to their general health 40 years later. Researchers at Kuakini Medical Center in Honolulu found there are nine factors that can help you live a long, healthy life.

  • You can't be overweight
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low blood sugar
  • Low levels of the bad cholesterol
  • A routine of drinking moderate amounts of alcohol
  • No smoking
  • High hand grip strength
  • Higher level of education
  • It helps to be married.

Researchers say if this describes you at middle age, then you have an extremely good chance of living at least into your 80's. And better yet, you'll likely be healthy when you get there.

"Your chances were more than 60 percent of being healthy at that age if you avoided these risk factors, yet if you had six or more of these risk factors you had less than a 10 percent chance of living into your mid 80s," said Bradley Willcox, MD, with Pacific Health Research Institute.

The findings appear in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. Bottom line, researchers say they hope people who are middle-aged will work on these risk factors, so they improve their chances of a long, healthy life.

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