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Studies Show Diet Can Affect Cancer Risk

The fact that diet can affect cancer is nothing new, but in Boston Tuesday, several studies were presented that listed specific ammunition in the kitchen.

The first study, by the National Cancer Institute, looked at soy products, like tofu, soybeans and soy cheese. Researchers found those can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 25 percent and that girls who start eating soy as kids can reduce the risk by 40 percent.

"Because we found a stronger association with childhood intake, we feel that it's plausible that the timing of intake is really critical in influencing cancer risk later in life," said Dr. Larissa Korde, with the National Cancer Institute.

A second study, from Harvard, found men who eat fish five times a week reduce their risk of Colorectal cancer by 40 percent compared to those who eat it only once a week.

In a third study, Columbia and NYU researchers found men who smoke, but kept a diet rich in vitamin E -- meaning nuts, whole grains, fish and green leafy vegetables -- had less white blood cell damage that can lead to cancer.

Finally, a fourth study, from Johns Hopkins, looked at men who already have prostate cancer and found those with lower cholesterol levels were less likely to develop an aggressive form of that disease.

The bottom line? That good balanced meals may play a big role in preventing cancer.

It's important to note the way the research is conducted. For example, the soy-breast cancer study involved 1,500 women and relied on questionnaires. The fish study in men is part of a large, randomized, controlled trial that involving 22,000 patients over 20 years.

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