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The Wet2Straight: Does It Work?

What if you could combine hair drying with hair straightening? You might be able to with the Wet-2-Straight.  It is a product by Remington.

It doesn't matter if your hair is dry or wet, the Wet-2-Straight says it can steam your hair silky smooth.  It costs 30 bucks, but Does It Work?

It has three color coded settings.  Blue means dry, purple means damp hair, and red means wet hair.  For this test, I will use my own head of hair.  I soaked it, patted it dry, and was ready to test this product.   

Since my hair was really wet, I will put it on the red setting and number 30.  It is the highest setting. It did not take long for it to warm up.

I worked my hair in sections as the steam screamed this product was on fire! "This front is already!"

I continued doing each section of my hair.  Sometimes I had to go over the same section twice to make it dry.  It took me 12 minutes to get the job done and my hair looked as straight as if I used a blow dryer and regular straightening iron.  I think it works!

You can buy the Wet-2-Straight at Linens and Things in Lubbock. 

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