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Consider This... Wolfforth's Alcohol Election

Last Tuesday a group of citizens went to the polls and sent a strong message that change was needed. No, I'm not talking about the democrats sweeping the election. Locally, it was change in the small town of Wolfforth that made headlines.

That's where voters said "yes" to packaged beer and wine sales. It passed 59% for to 41% against. That vote has implications on several fronts.

First, you'll soon see newer and bigger retailers choosing Wolfforth as home base, you'll see more visitors and travelers making stops in Wolfforth, and finally, the citizens of Wolfforth themselves will soon be buying more locally.

But last Tuesday's alcohol vote is not just about Wolfforth, it's about Lubbock too. Consider first the economics. Some would argue that Wolfforth has now beaten Lubbock to the economic punch, so to speak, and Lubbock is now at a competitive disadvantage for growth. Second, consider convenience. I have neighbors in southwest Lubbock that will soon be making the shorter trip to Wolfforth for beer and wine, sending those dollars outside of Lubbock. And lastly, let's not forget the price advantages that new competition brings for consumers.

So consider this, I think it's time the taxpayers of Lubbock have the same choice Wolfforth had. Packaged alcohol. That's right, I said it. It's time we put alcohol on the ballot for the city of Lubbock to decide.

State lawmakers made sure years ago that getting it on a ballot won't be easy. It would take the signatures of a third of Lubbock county voters to call an alcohol election. Right now that's about 18,000 signatures. So we would definitely need a push from our city leaders to call the question.

Now, I'm not sure if Lubbock citizens want it or not and you can bet opponents will say that a city selling alcohol is a city less safe. Maybe so, but I am sure of one thing, people in Lubbock want choices. And most of the time, all you need is ask the question to bring about change.

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