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Food for Thought Report 11.16

If you're in a hot-dog or hamburger kind of mood this menu of top performers is just for you.

This "America's Drive-in" is serving up perfection. The Sonic at 1609 MLK sizzled through their inspection with zero critical violations. Making them a top performer.

And our next stop is Wienerschnitzel at 4809 34th Street. They says they are dedicated to the "art of hot-doggery," but from the looks of their perfect health inspection their customers are just as important.

Food for Thought 11.16
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 11/16/06.

Terra Vista Middle School at 1111 Upland had three critical violations

  • Grated cheese had an improper date-mark.
  • Thermometers were not properly calibrated. Both of those violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.
  • There was no Heimlich poster posted; that has since been corrected.

Now to the only low performer this week - Carneceria Sonora at 2837 Clovis Road. Inspectors found eight critical violations at this repeat low performing butchery and deli.

  • Employees did not wash hands before putting on gloves.
  • Weevils were found in a bulk bin of flour and had to be discarded.
  • Raw beef, pork and chicken was stored next to, and above each other in the reach-in cooler and walk-in freezer.
  • A hose was hooked to a faucet on water heater without a vacuum breaker meaning water not suitable for drinking could get into the water supply.
  • There was no soap or towels at a hand wash sink.
  • According to the report there was a significant infestation of flies inside and at the back of the building.
  • A sewer clean out was uncapped at the rear of the building.
  • Several surfaces were found soiled, including: blood collected in the bottom of a reach-in cooler, soiled cabinets and shelves and other food contact surfaces.

We contacted management a Carneceria Sonora they say most violations have been corrected and they are looking forward to their follow-up inspection. The report indicates three violations were corrected on site, the others had to be corrected within 10 days.

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