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Viewer Response to Consider This on Wolfforth's Alcohol Election

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Way to go Dan! I'm glad you said it! Yes, Lubbock needs to get out of the Stone Age when it comes to becoming a wet. We're the largest city in America that is "dry" and it is indeed a joke!

I simply do not understand the mindset that the Strip being located outside of the city limits (for now anyway) "prevents" problems associated with the sale of alcohol; therefore is the "solution". This is ludicrous. People drive to the Strip and bring their purchases back into the city, so what is the big surprise in all of this?  There isn't one other than it's not very convenient.

Second, the revenue generated. Just think of what that money could be used for in a responsible manner toward the city's infrastructure. Especially when our "creative options" not to raise taxes are all about exhausted. And I agree with your statement about the competitive advantages too. It'll be interesting to see how Wolfforth starts to benefit from their decision.

Third, the possible religious repercussions are debatable. My example is Abilene, which is home to faith-based McMurry, Abilene Christian and Hardin-Simmons Universities. What can you buy at the convenience store and the supermarket in Abilene? That's right, package beer, wine and spirits. Has Abilene fallen off the face of the earth? Of course not. And needless to say you do not hear any major complaining about it either.

I would like say that when Lubbock does become wet that we make sure that Zoning does their job to keep the "neighborhood liquor store" from popping up on every corner too. Being "wet" doesn't mean we have to sacrifice the neighborhood aesthetics. I'm for keeping tabs on that part of the equation. And I have little doubt that we could garner the necessary signatures to place this issue to a vote.

The purchase and consumption of alcohol is a PERSONAL choice and a PERSONAL responsibility. Let the VOTERS OF LUBBOCK decide this instead of the hypocritical policy that is already in place.  It's time for a change and it goes well beyond the ability to have a cold one!

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When you move here from a city that sells beer and wine in the grocery store it seems silly to have to drive to the strip to buy it.  I live on the west side of town so it takes me fifteen minutes to get to the strip.  Big wup.

Again living in a big city it takes longer than that to get to the grocery store so fifteen minutes is no big deal. To think that Lubbock is safer because we have to drive across town to buy beer and wine is ludicrous.  Crime would remain the same and you probably would have less traffic accidents because you reduce the distance people drive.

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I do believe that Lubbock is missing out on a lot of opportunities by not selling alcohol in the city limits. I also believe that it would be safer for drivers and others if the sales were allowed in the city limits because there would be a lot more people buying a six pack instead of a 30 pack and going home to drink it.  People are tempted to drink some on the way home when they have many miles to travel, whereas they wouldn't drink any in just a few blocks or miles to the house.

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I think it is about time that the people from Lubbock should say yes to Lubbock becoming a wet county. Lubbock is growing and the city will benefit from the taxes.

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I this it is about time that Lubbock becomes a wet county. I think that even accidents would decrease.

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I rarely drink, however, you can bet when I want a bottle of wine, I'll make the short trip to Wolfforth, go to a nice, safe place to purchase instead of the long drive to the "strip".

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What a ballsie move.  I love it.  Good for you for taking a stance.   I travel the entire state of Texas on a regular basis and it continues to amaze me that Lubbock is just about the only city in Texas without beer and wine sales.  One of the few I have found like Lubbock is Lufkin, and that is embarrassing company.  Even in Waco less than a quarter mile from the Baylor campus, there's a Wal-Mart with a HUGE beer and wine isle.  
Good for you.  I would love to see the issue put to the vote in The Hub City.

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Yes, stop the monopoly out on the strip and the big bucks from the strip that has controled the voting and not the religious people, for consider this, if it was the religion, then what do most people do after church on Sunday morning? They go to restaurants to eat and what do most sell? Of course alcohol.

Consider This... Wolfforth's Alcohol Election
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson's take on the election in Wolfforth to legalize packaged beer and wine sales.

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