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NewsChannel 11 Sex Offender Investigation Goes Statewide

A NewsChannel 11 investigation into MySpace sex offenders is getting attention across the state. We have learned other probation departments are launching their own investigations.

It all started months ago when we took the names of registered sex offenders from the Lubbock Police Department's web page.  We searched for them on MySpace and found a half a dozen of them with accounts. Three of them were on probation and parole, weren't supposed to be on MySpace and were arrested.

Adult probation director Steven Henderson says since our story, he has received numerous emails from different parts of the state. Henderson says other probation departments are becoming aware of the problem and taking action. 

"When your report first aired, I shared it with my colleagues and much to my surprise several of them wrote back and said we didn't realize. They started doing their own checking and found some of their offenders with MySpace accounts," said Henderson. 

Places like Levelland have also contacted Henderson. They wanted to know where to purchase the kind of computer tracking programs he uses. The programs help Henderson track where a sex offender has been online.

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