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Consider This... Thanksgiving

"385 years ago, a man named William Bradford got it right. You may remember this story from history class. It was after the first harvest in 1621 that Governor Bradford set aside a day for thanksgiving and prayer. That day was shared by all the Plymouth colonists and their neighboring Native Americans. And that tradition evolved into the fourth Thursday every November we all now know as Thanksgiving.

I shudder to think that had Bradford not proclaimed that special day, how many times a year we would actually stop and be thankful for all that we have. And there's a lot to stop and be thankful for living in the Lubbock area.

Consider this: the great people and big hearts that make West Texans stand out; the freedom to worship how we choose in America; a system of government that lets us choose our leaders; and the men and women in harms way that are protecting those rights as we speak.

More personally, I'm thankful to live in the best city in the world, Lubbock, Texas. I'm thankful for my incredible work family here at NewsChannel 11. I'm thankful to my family who raised me the right way, and I'm thankful for my wife Susan and 3 boys, Palmer, Parker and Pierce, who bring me so much joy everyday of the year. Finally, I'm thankful to God who has allowed me so many blessings.

So, whatever it is you're thankful for, take time to say it out loud to others today and every day because none of us are promised a tomorrow. And from my family to yours, have a safe, happy and meaningful Thanksgiving."

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