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Keep Your Kids Learning With Regular Eye Exams

There are some 50 million school-aged kids in the U.S. and it's estimated that 9 out of ten of them are not getting regular eye exams.

One reason that's such a big concern is many kids who can not see well are misdiagnosed as having a learning disability instead. Sometimes the kids who are not paying attention, or misbehaving, or not doing their work are actually suffering from poor vision. But they don't know that.

"They have nothing to compare their vision with so they really don't understand that they way they're seeing things is not the way that other children might be seeing things," said Dr. Leanne Liddicoat, optometrist.

Dr. Liddicoat says if you have a child who turns his head or squints to read, rubs his eyes often, seems very tired at the end of the day, and avoids reading altogether, these could be signs of a vision problem. That's something that can be easily corrected before he or she gets really behind in school.

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