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The Oxi-Detergent Ball: Does It Work?

Try something new for your laundry with the Oxi-Ball. It says you'll never have to pour and never measure, but never say never until you know, Does It Work?

"It's a big ball of detergent," said Karin Slyker, a producer at KCBD who also calls herself a laundry master.  

You toss it in the washer and leave it there. You never take it out until it is time to replace the ball.  It says it will last for at least 25 loads.  "I at least do a load a day or all day Saturday," said Slyker.  She says she could use the help.  Slyker does laundry for a family of four.  Four weeks ago, she started using the Oxi-Ball.  "I gave a hash mark for each load so that equals to 28 loads so far," said Slyker.

Here's what the ball looks like after 28 loads.  It is a little bigger than a golf ball.  "There's a refill line.  Once you get there, refill it," said Slyker.   You do that putting another ball in the rubber sleeve.  "But, I've gone to 28 loads.  I could go to 30 if not more," she said.

Her clothes smelled fresh.  Karin says she still used her fabric softener and followed the recommendation to never use bleach with the Oxi-Ball.

"I'd say it did as good of a job as my regular detergent," she said.  Karin says the Oxi-Ball works.

Karin says she's now at 35 loads with the same ball and still going. You can buy the product for $10 - $15 at Linens-N-Things and Walgreens.   It will cost you around $5 for the refills which are sold at Walgreens.

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