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HealthWise at 5 From 11.21

There are many interesting 'healthy' gifts -- gifts that will help us keep or improve our health

All the research shows that teas, green or black, are powerful anti oxidants. A tea infuser into which you can put tea leaves to brew a cup or tea bags in a variety of flavors are good gifts. A new tea pot or an electric kettle round out the gift.

How about a vegetable steamer or an apple slicer to make the fruits and veggies even more appetizing? You can order a fruit basket to be delivered every month-giving the year round. A blender to make smoothies and a juicer to concoct your own flavors could be fun. If someone is watching their weight, a scale that calculates calories and portion size could help out a lot.

There are many exercise tapes and DVDs to get us moving and they can only cost $10. Yoga and Tai Chi can be learned from the masters. Attach a heart monitor to track your fitness or a pedometer to see how many step you take every day. 10,000 are recommended.

Electronic tooth brushes and a WaterPic do a good job promoting gum health. If a family member has aches and pains, maybe a massage unit for the back or necks or a chair with the massage built in may be a big hit.

Gift certificates can provide a wonderful answer. How about running or walking shoes? Or dance lessons to someone moving? There are folding bikes and mountains bikes and stationary bikes for fitness. Something as simple as a jump rope can be fun and get the kids off the couch.

There are tons of books, tapes, and magazines to provide health over a long time. And maybe just a sun hat and some good sun screen are what is needed.

For the big splurge, how about a gift certificate for an adventure vacation? Or there is a watch by Phillip Stein that causing a tingling in the wrist relaxes you and calms your nerves. This might be helpful during the Christmas rush. And Oprah has one! A bit pricey, though. About $2,500!

You can purchase these things in Lubbock at Academy Sports, the Gourmet Pantry, Target, Relax the Back, bicycle shops and book stores. They are also available at

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