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Chocolate May Decrease Your Risk of a Heart Attack

If you eat a little chocolate everyday you may be decreasing your risk of a heart attack.

That sounds too good to be true, but that's what researchers from Johns Hopkins have decided. Apparently, a chemical in cocoa beans works kind of like aspirin in keeping platelets from clumping.

"Platelets tended not to clump together as frequently in these patients as those who didn't eat chocolate, which is a very surprising finding," said Dr. Douglas Drachman, a Cardiologist.

Researchers discovered this by accident. They were actually studying the effects of aspirin on blood platelets and the volunteers were told they couldn't eat certain foods, chocolate was on the "no" list. But some people cheated and sneaked a little every day anyway. That's how researchers discovered those who ate a small piece of chocolate every day cut their risk of heart attack by half.

By the way, Dr. Drachman says if you try this on your own it needs to be dark chocolate and a small piece, not a candy bar.

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