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The Stick-Up Bulb: Does It Work?

Let me shed some light on this "As Seen On TV Product."  It is called the Stick Up Bulb.  For $20, you get two of cordless lights, but do they work?

I noticed that it comes with spare bulbs for each box.  Also, it comes with screws and anchors just in case you want to screw it in the wall, instead of using the sticker it already has on the back of the base.

For this test, I used the sticker.  I peeled it and placed it on a course painted wall. 

The intention of the light bulb is to use it in places that do not already have lights.  Or, it may be a great emergency back-up when there is a power outage.

The power of the light worked well.  I could read what the tapes stated on the labels that were sitting on a shelf.

I needed to know, however, if the sticker stays stuck.  To test that, I pulled the cord to the light 100 times to see if it would come down.  It did not.  It stayed stuck to the wall and did not appear to want to go anywhere.

The bulb is also shatter proof.  I threw the bulb to the ground and it never broke.

This Stick-Up Bulb is a bright idea.  I think it works!

To order it, you can find it here.

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