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World AIDS Day

Some 39 million people around the world are HIV positive, and that number continues to grow. The highest rate of HIV infection in the US is in our nation's capitol. That's why Washington D.C. marked World AIDS Day Friday with a push for HIV testing by rolling out a mobile lab for HIV screening.

"We find that the people that pass most of the HIV infections in the United States are people who don't know that they're positive," said Stefanie Defiglia, a nurse practitioner.

"The pandemic of HIV/AIDS can be defeated, and the United States is willing to take the lead in that fight," said the President. 

 Twenty-five years since AIDS exploded worldwide testing has gotten a lot easier. All it takes is a little swab and you get the results in a half hour and there are also more effective treatments.

The bottom line is the biggest concern there is still no cure. There are 40,000 new infections every year and in 50 years, AIDS has claimed 25 million lives.

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