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Remember To Take Your Pills Program

"I take fifteen doses of pills every day, some i take twice a day," said 92-year-old Birdie Gelfer who has to be confusing for people like Birdie who depend on a lot of different medications for different ailments.

But soon, it should become a little less challenging for seniors to remember their medication schedules. Thanks to a successful pilot program at Walter Reed Medical Center. Researchers there have created a pharmacy care program that sends the patient home with new, individualized blister packs containing all the pills they need and instructions on when to take them.

"In the study we found that medication adherence improved from 61 percent before the program to over 96 percent," said Dr. Allen Taylor, of Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

"Because they took all the worrying of remembering and fussing with the vials. All you do is go to your card, punch out what you need for that period," said Gelfer.

The findings appear in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. It says that not only did seniors improve on taking their medicine but they ended up healthier too.

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