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Food for Thought Report 12.7

Sonic Drive-in at 5802 64th Street sizzled through their inspection with zero critical violations. And the Ice Cream Shoppe at 2705 26th scooped up a perfect score. Both are top performers this week.

Food for Thought 12.7
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 12/7/06.

Owner Jessie Garcia invited us into his kitchen and tells us the violations won't happen again.

  • Cooked sausage was at 77 degrees. It must be 135 degrees or hotter.
  • An employee did not wash his or her hands before putting on gloves.
  • A drain under the sink in the restroom was leaking.
  • An ice-scoop was stored on top of an ice machine and the deflector inside the ice machine was soiled.

"Everybody's learning the ropes and trying to get to know where everything goes and how everything needs to go to make everything run smoothly," waitress Connie Sanchez said.

Jessie says all violations have been corrected, and welcomes his customers into the kitchen and says if you haven't tried his cooking, you should, "We've got the best authentic Mexican food."

Hooters restaurant at 4950 S. Loop 289 had five critical violations.

  • Shrimp was 51 degrees, chicken 44 degrees and grated cheese was 47 degrees. Cold foods must be 41 degrees or colder.
  • An employee wiped his gloved hands on his apron and then handled ready to eat food. A hand sink does not have a hot water handle.
  • Toxic items were stored near food contact surfaces.
  • There were multiple unclean food contact surfaces.

Management says all violations have been corrected.

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